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A Bouquet of Five Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day Flowers

Some things to consider when buying roses this Valentines Day

  1. Red roses are known as the definitive symbol of love and the most popular flower to give on valentine’s day.
  2. Rose colors have intended meanings. For example, red roses denote love and passion, pink roses represent grace and elegance, and yellow roses are a symbol of friendship.
  3. Like roses, lilies come in different colors and have different implications. For example, white lilies are associated with purity and innocence while orange lilies symbolize passion.
  4. The majority of our Valentine’s Day roses have been grown in South America due to its warmer climate, but California is the leading producer of domestically produced cut flowers.
  5. Valentine’s Day is a bigger payday for the floral industry when it falls on a weekday because lovers tend to send more elaborate flower arrangements to the recipient’s office, where it can be ogled.


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