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Creating a Garden in your yard

Some gardening tips for first-timers.

A great way to keep in touch with nature all year long is to plant a garden. Here are some tips for first-timers.


In Sight In Mind

Place your garden where you can see it. The more you see your garden, the more that it will be in the forefront of your mind. It will be easier to go outside and spend time in your garden when you see its beauty.


Sun and Shade

While being able to see your garden is important for yourself, what is important for the garden can be a different story. Different plants need different amounts of sunlight, so do research on what you would like to plant beforehand and keep it in mind when placing your garden.


Climate Control

Something else that will affect your plants is where you live. Some plants cannot survive the cold of certain climates, keep that in mind when choosing plants.


Keep the Hose Handy

Be sure to have a hose that can reach your garden or have a watering can that you like. Plants need a lot of water, but overwatering can be an issue as well.


Testing the Waters

If you see that your soil is dry, check about an inch below the surface of the garden soil. If that is dry as well, it is time to water your plants.


Source: miraclegro.com/en-us/library/gardening-basics/10-top-gardening-tips-beginners


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