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Gift Ideas for Dad

Five gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Give Dad a fun subscription box for Father’s day

For Father’s Day, or any day, there are so many interesting subscription box services to choose from. You can subscribe to receive a monthly box of almost anything you can imagine — from meat to craft beer to clothes. If you know a dad who has a passion or hobby, you can probably find a subscription box to feed his habit monthly with new gadgets and goodies.

Board Games and puzzles

For some quality family time, get Dad a board game or puzzle. It can lead to a fun game night or a quiet Sunday putting together a puzzle. Time with your family is always a great gift.

Personalized Items

Get Dad things he will use daily, but personalize it with a monogram. It could be a money clip or a watch or a bag — or anything handy. If you’re worried about monogramming adding delivery delays, take a photo and put it in a card.

Gag Gifts to make dad smile

Does the dad in your life like bad dad jokes? Consider fun gag gifts for Father’s Day — anything from joke books to toilet mugs. Want him to laugh but still get something sweet? Shop for fun, cheap gag gifts to give him before the real gift reveal.

Home Fitness Equipment

If you know a dad with a goal to get in shape, get him some home fitness equipment. It is a gift that will show your support of his healthier lifestyle choices and will give him a way to get fit at home. Dumbbells or resistance bands are inexpensive fitness gear that can lead him on the road to better health.


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