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517 Magazine Publisher Tiffany Dowling on what it means to be Lansing Proud as we dedicate this issue to celebrating the 517.

The advancement and evolution of this nation isn’t always a pretty process. There are many moments in our history where growth has been stunted by painful stains of disgrace. The protesters that have taken to streets worldwide and to my front door in Lansing are calling for justice and equality. When a whispered plea for understanding and compassion goes ignored for so long, it’s only a matter of time before many whispers unite and reverberate into deafening chorus.

While there will always be those who focus on the few misdeeds instead of the message in the protests, what I have found heartening to see in the Black Lives Matter movement is its wide support from people of all races. As with most course corrections in our past, this movement is primarily spurred by the hearts and minds of our youth, who see a better world and are yearning for positive change.

I get a sense that change may be at hand. I’m ready. It won’t come without difficult and uncomfortable discussions; however, we may have reached the tipping point in our national dialogue where those discussions can no longer be disregarded.

It’s time to enact change and advance in the name of humanity and kindness. Justice and fairness should not be considered entitlements reserved for the few. They should be the birthright of every man, women and child who draws a breath in our world.

With all the storm and stress weathered in recent months, it’s important to step back to take a wider view to better comprehend and appreciate our home in Greater Lansing. That’s why we’ve dedicated this edition of 517 Magazine to celebrating the 517, finding strength in our region and moving forward together.


Tiffany Dowling



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