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Missing your mom on Mother’s Day

You can’t avoid the mushy cards, emotional commercials and social media posts on every platform. Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday to c…

You can’t avoid the mushy cards, emotional commercials and social media posts on every platform. Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday to celebrate moms far and wide. But for many, it is a painful day where loss and mourning seem exponentially apparent.

Still have your mom? You simply may not be able to fully understand until you, unfortunately, join the club. Exercise compassion during the holiday by including those who might be feeling low in your plans, offering them a listening ear or just trying to empathize.

For those without your mom, getting through the day can be hard. Here are some tips that could help.

Take a break from social media. This needs no explanations as you’ve undoubtedly experienced the barrage of Mother’s Day posts in the past. If it’s hard to look at, avoid it.

Honor thy mother. Take the day to honor your mother’s memory in ways big or small. Put a message in a balloon and send it into infinity, visit her gravesite, look through pictures, tell stories about her. Do something in her honor.

Honor your own feelings. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to be sad. Take a day to yourself to reflect quietly or find a way to keep busy with those who you feel comfortable being around. Ease up on yourself. The pain doesn’t really go away. But it does get easier over time.

Celebrate other moms if you can. Maybe Mom is gone but you have a stepmom or mother figure in your life. Consider honoring her for the ways she has stepped in with mom-like advice, guidance and love. She knows she isn’t your mom, but does she know how much you appreciate her? Recognizing mom-like figures can do you and the special woman in your life a lot of good.

When all else fails, dig into those memories of Mom and think of a phrase she might have used when she knew you were feeling down. Everything was always better when Mom gave advice.

Because, after all, she said so.


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